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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ABC News: Rather to Resign 'CBS Evening News' Post

Dan Rather leaves 'CBS Evening News'. However, he says he'll remain as an investigative reporter for '60 Minutes'.

Rather, 73, will become a correspondent for both editions of "60 Minutes," saying he looked forward to "pouring my heart" into investigative reporting.

After the Bush AWOL story, I think Rather staying on as an investigative reporter would be a problem.

Rather has long been a target of critics who accused him of a liberal bias, and there's even a Web site devoted to that notion. The National Guard story sent those critics into overdrive. Rather's announcement Tuesday led one Republican congressman from Pennsylvania to issue a statement saying, in effect, good riddance.

"Dan Rather has been a legend in media for more than a quarter-century to many people around the world, but not to me," Rep. Bill Shuster said. "For the entirety of his career, Rather has allowed his liberal bias to shape the news rather than report it."

What liberal bias?

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Powell supports US money for terrorists

Outgoing US Secretary of State Colin PowellSeeks aid for Palestinians. Secretary Powell will announce the aid package at a World Bank meeting scheduled for December 7 in Oslo, Norway.

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, arriving in Israel for his first visit in a year and a half, said Sunday that he would work with Palestinian leaders to come up with an American financial aid package in the next few weeks to facilitate Palestinian elections and improve their security forces.

However, Congressional leaders are skeptical about the aid.

Representative Tom Delay of Texas, the House majority leader, is said by administration officials to have warned that there needs to be more accountability by the Palestinian Authority before the money is approved.

Given that Palestinian security forces have taken part in attacks against Israel as part of the Arafat Martyrs Brigades (formerly the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades), I don't think building up a terrorist army is the solution. Futhermore, new PLO chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei were Arafat allies and often stole foreign aid money themselves so we should not fund these two men's bankaccounts.

Finally, according to recent Arab TV interviews with Palestinian leaders there appears to be no willingness among the Palestinian leadership to make peace with Israel. The Palestinian leadership, after Arafat's death, called more attacks in Israel and vowed to continue the armed struggle. These people can't be trusted with more American aid.

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