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Thursday, July 08, 2004 - 'Fahrenheit' keeps momentum, and emotions, running hot - 'Fahrenheit' keeps momentum, and emotions, running hot

Fahrenheit 9/11 is probably the most overrated movie of the year. I had the opportunity to see this "documentary" Tuesday night in Baton Rouge. Suffice to say, this is not the silver bullet the anti-war movement and Hezbollah hoped it would be. However, there are some disturbing things about President Bush and the War on Terror that Moore showed.

What Moore did right:
This movie is very well made from a artistic standpoint. The 9/11 sequence is very tactfully done and respectful. I even found myself laughing at some of Michael Moore's paradies. Moore even did some good scenes displaying the inhumanity of war for example showing interviews with soldiers who seemed to take pleasure in killing.

What Moore did wrong:
Moore began distorting the facts and truth from the very beginning. Moore accused Bush of stealing the election in Florida without mentioning the fact that Democrats were attempting to throw out every military ballot that came in. Moore also neglected to mention that every media recount of the ballots showed that Bush would've won anyway without the Supreme Court's intervention. Moore also stated numerous statistics without providing a source for them. Moore took numerous sophomoric cheapshots against President Bush. In fact after seeing the numerous times Bush was compared to an idiot, I felt sorry for Bush.

There are many more things I can say about this movie and I've still got to research some more of Moore's claims so you'll have to wait for the first print edition of the Crossroads Register for the Fall semester on August 24 for the rest of the review, which will be part of a staff report.


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