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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Something via E-mail

Something I just got via E-mail.

I would never mistreat one of my horses, one of my cows nor my dog or
much less mistreat another human being. Therefore I am just as shocked
outraged about the treatment of the prisoners in Iraq as anybody is.

I think, no I know, it's deplorable and the people responsible should
sought out and punished.

Now having said that let me say this.
This thing has been blown so far out of proportion it's a wonder it

I was in Germany during the high point of the controversy and about the
only English speaking channels I could get were BBC and CNN. Well take
anti-American position of CNN America and multiply it by ten, and then
you've got CNN International.

If the BBC represented, which it doesn't, the opinions of the majority
the British people we would have to consider England an enemy.
It is so blatantly anti-American. They spent hours and hours on the
prisoner abuses. You would think that it was the only thing happening
in the

I heard one woman anchor ask, "Will the Americans ever be able to take
moral high ground again?"

That's not only stupid, it's insulting and asinine. A handful of people
of a population of two hundred and sixty million plus go rogue and this
ignorant wench condemns the whole nation? Should we condemn the whole
the British Isles because of Kim Philby, the English traitor who helped
give Russia our nuclear secrets? I dare say his actions caused ten
times the pain and anguish than
those of a few outlaw American soldiers.

Where were you BBC and CNN when our American citizens were hung from a
bridge and set on fire in Iraq? Where were you when terrorists were
dragging our dead soldiers around the dusty streets of Somalia?
Did you devote hour after hour of coverage condemning the monsters? Did
continue to show the awful images almost non-stop and call in
puffed-up, so
called experts to tell us just how bad the events were.
Hell no you didn't.

And you Ted Kennedy, you superfilous old gas bag, how dare you compare
acts of a few soldiers to the murderous regime of Saddam Hussein.

Senator, in case you hadn't noticed no one died fact your car
killed more people than these misguided soldiers did.

We have 130,000 military personnel in Iraq. How many were involved in
atrocity? 10? 20? 30? And yet to listen to Kennedy and his ilk, or the
major media you would think that they were all involved.

Let's look at this thing for what it is. An isolated incident which
does not
in any way, shape or form represent the character of the fine young men
women who serve in our Armed Forces. This is the third time Senator
but I'll extend the invitation again.

How about you, me and a camera crew hopping on a plane and going over
Iraq and Afghanistan and talk to the men and women who are fighting the
war, so you can get a little attitude adjustment? Or had you rather
continue to be blinded to reality by your hatred of our Commander and

Check your calander, we're trying to put a trip together for November.

Pray for our troops.

What do you think?

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels


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