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Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Real Che Guevara

The Real Che Guevara:

Che the Lionhearted's image is still ubiquitous on college campuses. But in the wrong places. He belongs in the marketing, PR, advertising and especially psychology departments. His lessons and history are fascinating and valuable, but only in light of Sigmund Freud or P.T. Barnum. One born every minute, Mr. Barnum? If only you'd lived to see the Che phenomenon. Actually, 10 are born every second.

Here's a 'guerrilla hero' who in real life never fought in a guerrilla war. When he finally brushed up against one, he was routed.

Here's a cold-blooded murderer who executed thousands without trial, who claimed that judicial evidence was an 'unnecessary bourgeois detail,' who stressed that 'revolutionaries must become cold-killing machines motivated by pure hate,' who stayed up till dawn for months at a time signing death warrants for innocent and honorable men, whose office in La Cabana had a window where he could watch the executions and today his T-shirts adorn people who oppose capital punishment!

Here's communist Cuba's first 'Minister of Industries,' whose main slogan in 1960 was 'Accelerated Industrialization!' Whose dream was converting Cuba (the hemisphere, actually) into a huge bureaucratic-industrial ant farm � and he's the poster boy for greens and anarchists who scream and rant against industrialization!

Here's a sniveling little suck-up, teacher's pet and momma's boy who was the constant pride of joy of his teacher (Alberto Bayo) and parents (the most obnoxious sort of Limousine Bolsheviks) and he's idolized by millionaire delinquents such as Rage Against the Machine!

Here's a humorless teetotaler, a plodding paper-pusher, a notorious killjoy and all-around fuddy-duddyand you see his T-shirt on MTV's Spring Break revelers!

Amazing how American young people, especially college students, can be so hypocritical and self-hating sometimes.


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