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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Gay marrage amendment defeated in Senate

The United States Senate rejected the gay marriage ban amendment 48-50 on a procedural vote. The Democrats in the Senate decided to filibuster the proposed amendment and they succeeded in killing it. Three Democrats decided to kill the filibuster and six Republicans crossed party lines and joined with Democrats to maintain the filibuster.

Some comments from the article:

Polls show most Americans oppose same-sex marriage, but are split on whether a constitutional ban is needed. Surveys also find voters believe many other issues are more important.

Kerry and his vice presidential running mate, Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, oppose same-sex marriage, but argue amending the Constitution is not the answer. Like most Democratic lawmakers, they say states should have the power to define marriage.

I have to go with the majority of American voters on this. I particularly don't care if Adam and Steve next door decided to get married. In fact, I think the 50% divorce rate, unfair divorce settlements, the high adultery rate, and the overall cheapening of marriage by illegitimate births and quickie marriages in Vegas are more of threat to marriage than Adam and Steve.

Besides, as a States' rights supporter, I believe that the states are more than equipped enough to make these decisions based on the moral views and opinions of their citizens.

Now here's why the GOP engaged in this grandstanding today:

Even in defeat, Senate Republicans obtained at least two goals: They got a debate on the issue and put senators on the record.

And spent God knows how much taxpayer dollars for their little publicity stunt.


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